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Valentine’s Day Sayings 2019

Valentine’s Day Sayings
Valentine’s Day Sayings

Valentine’s Day is just across the nook!  And if you’ve been striking out on this article for some interval, you understand cute, Cheesy Valentine’s Day Sayings are the most favorite ones. There are lovely valentine’s sayings paired with small treats — everything from faculty substances, from toy to sweet and even wine and coffee.

This comprehensive listing of short valentine’s day sayings, funny valentine’s sayings, valentine’s sayings for friends, valentine’s sayings for cards and cheesy valentine’s sayings covers everybody in your listing.

It’s also organized with the category to finding the perfect Valentine’s day sayings as smooth as feasible. These festive sentiments are the ideal Valentine’s sayings for him, her, or everybody to your listing! We’ve rounded up classic sayings from poets, authors, and more fabulous!

Valentine’s day sayings 2019
Valentine’s day sayings
Valentine’s day sayings

This list covers all your cheesy Valentine’s day sayings. Many of the valentine sayings have some valentine’s day ideas including first valentines day ideas, romantic DIY Valentine’s gifts for her and some cute valentine’s day gifts to attached with.

These Valentine’s sayings are an amusing way to wish a person a Happy Valentine’s Day! Put any of the valentine’s sayings on a heart formed gift tag and attach to the gift.

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Valentine’s day sayings 2019

Valentine’s day sayings
Valentine’s day sayings

We’ve prepared a list of our exceptional Valentine’s Day sayings, together with romantic sayings,  love sayings, and inspirational love sayings. Another stupid way to express your emotions is sending the romantic valentines gifts for her of your affection a cute valentine’s saying with sweet or any other snack item.

“Men always want to be a woman’s first love — women like to be a man’s last romance.”

“You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.”

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“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.”

“Where there is love there is life.”

“When you are in love you can’t fall asleep because the reality is better than your dreams.”

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”

“Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love.”

“Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward in the same direction.”

Valentine’s day sayings
Valentine’s day sayings

“Love doesn’t make the world go round. The Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”

“Look Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.”

“Let us always meet each other with a smile, for a smile is the beginning of love.”

These Valentine’s Day sayings are beneficial in expressing our thoughts. They are best with some greeting cards and cute valentine’s day gifts. Whether you’re looking for something carefree or mawkish, these Valentine’s Day sayings will help you increase your message.

Funny Valentine’s Sayings

Funny Valentine’s Sayings
Funny Valentine’s Sayings

These funny Valentine’s sayings are an amusing way to rejoice the holiday. Share them along with some cute Valentine’s Day gifs and ship a friend, be aware, it is sure to cause them to smile. These Funny Valentine’s Sayings paired with sweet, a small toy or little present could make darling Valentine’s Day gifts.

“Falling in love is so tough at the knees.”

“All you want is love. But a bar of touch chocolate now and then doesn’t harm.”

“True love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights. If you pay attention bells, get your ears checked.”

“Before I met my husband, I’d never fallen in love. I’d stepped in it a few instances.”

“It’s better to have cherished and lost than to have to do forty pounds of laundry every week.”

“I’m courting a lady now who, obviously, is ignorant of it.”

“I love Mickey Mouse greater than any female I actually have ever acknowledged.”

“I love being married. It’s so terrific to find one unique person you want to bother for the relaxation of your existence.”

Funny Valentine’s Sayings
Funny Valentine’s Sayings
Funny Valentine’s Sayings

“Love is a grave mental disease.”

“I want a man who is kind and informative. Is that too much to invite of a millionaire?”

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Titillate your honey’s funny bone with these Funny Valentine’s Sayings. It’s been stated that sharing a humorousness is one of the marks of a healthy and enjoyable relationship.

So move beforehand — bestow with the comfortable and Cute Valentine’s Day Gifts this Valentine’s Day and feature a few lively good laughs instead.

Cheesy Valentine’s Day Sayings

Funny Valentine’s Sayings
Funny Valentine’s Sayings

Cheesy expressions of love are at the heart of Valentine’s Day. Here’s a collection of Cheesy Valentine’s Day sayings to sink your teeth into.

We can’t promise you won’t wind up with a stomach ache after reading through these saccharine sayings.

“I’m WILD about you, Valentine.”

“You’re the BEE’S KNEES.”

“You make my heart RACE.”

“You are one FOXY lady.”

“I love EWE from the bottom of my heart.”

“Nothing could be sweeter than being your Valentine.”

“I heard you like CHEESY Valentines.”

“So I have the HOTS for you.”

“I sure hope my parachute opens, because I’m falling fast for you.”

“When I saw you, I knew I was on the right track… because my heart was off and racing.”

“The Surgeon General ought to put a warning on you because you are smokin’ hot.”

“You’re like a broken staircase. You make me go head over heels.”

“I need a compass when I look at you because I keep getting lost in your eyes.”

Funny Valentine’s Sayings
Funny Valentine’s Sayings
Funny Valentine’s Sayings

“Roses are pink

Violets are blue

Tamales are warm

And so are you.”

“Roses are pink

Violets are blue

But they both turn green

Out of envy for you.”

“Here’s a Valentine’s poem

To make your heart glow

I love you, my candy

Even greater than you know.”

The utmost cheeseball way to express your love is through cheesy Valentine’s Day Sayings. Here are a few awesomely awful examples of cheesy valentine’s day sayings. Add some  Cute Valentines Day Gifts alongside Romantic DIY Valentine’s Gifts for Her.

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Short Valentine’s Day Sayings

Short Valentine’s Day Sayings
Short Valentine’s Day Sayings

If you’re considering what to say on this year’s Valentine’s Day card, worry not! We’ve assembled a huge variety of Short Valentine’s Day sayings that you could drop into your Valentine’s day card templates.


Teddy Grahams: A big bear hug for you

Apple Jacks: You’re the apple of my eye

Coffee: Thanks for keeping me grounded

Moon Pie: I love you to the moon and returned

Pirates Booty: Ahoy Matey, you’ re a real treasure

Chips Ahoy cookies: Ahoy Matey, be my valentine

Goldfish: You are o’fish’ally a high-quality pal

Donut holes: You are a whole lot of a laugh, Valentine!


Gummi bears: I’m beary happy you’re in my class

Smarties: Hey Smartie pants, Happy Valentines Day

Chocolate coins: Don’t ever change

Blow pop: You blow me away

Orbit Gum: You send my heart into Orbit

Mints: We’re mint to be

Swedish fish: You’re o-fish-ally an awesome friend

Extra gum: You’re extra special to me

Tootsie rolls: I like the way you roll

Pop Rocks: You rock, Valentine


Cactus: I‘m stuck on you

Lip gloss: Read my lips, I’m yours

Balloon: Love is in the air

Socks: We’re the perfect pair

 Crazy straws: I’m crazy for you

Sewing kit: You’re sewing special to me

Band-Aids: I’m stuck on you

Buttons: You’re as cute as a button

Magnet: Can’t resist your pull

Here are a few short valentine’s day sayings which can be useful for writing on tags and valentine’s day cards with valentine’s day gifts. Have a look at this paragraph for pleasant short valentine’s day sayings for every person.

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Valentine’s Sayings For Cards

Valentine’s Sayings For Cards
Valentine’s Sayings For Cards

Valentine’s sayings for cards and messages help you to write the perfect note for your special someone this Valentine’s day. Wish your special someone a very Happy Valentine’s day with these romantic valentine’s sayings for cards.

“Every love story is beautiful; however, ours is my preferred. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

“After all this time, you’re still superb. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

“Walking down the aisle with you was superb, but it’s even higher to stroll with you through lifestyles. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

“You are my the whole thing. I love you these days and continually. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

“It’s been said that you simplest fall in love as soon as, however, I don’t accept as true with it. Every time I see you, I fall in love all once more.”

“I select you. And I’ll select your time and again and over. Without pause, clearly, in a heartbeat. I’ll maintain deciding on you.”

“When the world seems more beautiful, and life even more worth residing, I discover I’ve been taking into account you.”

“I observed genuine happiness the day you walked into my existence.”

“If I had a single flower for on every occasion I think about you, I ought to walk all the time in my lawn.”

“Each day I love you more. Today extra than yesterday, and less than the following day.”

I hope you loved those Valentine sayings for cards and found one that was just right to your unique someone. Have a look at our Facebook page. If you’re searching out more Valentine’s sayings and valentine’s day gift ideas, do take a look at out our all collections of  Valentine’s Day.Please visit our youtube channel with the name of Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Sayings For Friends

Valentine’s Sayings For Friends
Valentine’s Sayings For Friends

These are short examples of valentine’s sayings for friends to jot down in a message to pals. If you’re giving multiple Valentine’s day cards and valentine’s day gifts, use diversification of such valentine’s sayings for friends, so each is particular.

“Friendship improves happiness, and abates misery, via doubling our joys, and dividing our grief.”

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now after which would not hurt.” I think buddies like you are pretty crucial too.”

“My existence wouldn’t be near as funny without you as a part of it. I wish you know how important you’re to me.”

“I want to will let you recognize that I admire you for all your many tremendous qualities, I love you no matter your faults, and I am grateful to have you as my pal.”

“You are my Valentine’s Day ally. It’s exceptional to have an excellent buddy like you in my group.”

“Valentine’s Day is as accurate a time as any to remind my first-class buddy of how tons I love [her/him].”

“Some humans say we’re just like an old married couple, so… Happy Valentine’s Day to my higher half!”

“Happy Valentine’s Day to the individual that knows me excellent and in some way nevertheless wants to hold out. What would I do without you?”

Using valentine’s sayings for friends along valentine’s day gifts may be a courteous manner to specific your fond emotions and gratitude toward your buddy. Here are a few examples of valentine’s sayings for friends. Use these to your chum as already are, or add any other ballad to personify.

10 Related Questions

valentines day gifts for wife
Valentine’s Sayings For Friends

While you are looking for something about valentine’s day, valentine’s day sayings and Valentine’s day gifts, a few related questions usually come in everyone’s thoughts. In this part of the article, we will come up with a brief description of related questions. So get geared up for the pinnacle related questions about Valentine’s Day.

What do you write on a Valentine’s card for a friend?

You can write Valentine’s sayings for a friend in the card. You can also write Valentine’s Day quotes and valentine’s day wishes for a friend along romantic Valentine’s gifts for her or him.

What are the sayings on candy hearts?

Each candy heart is outlined with a message such as “Be Mine,” “Kiss Me,” “Call Me,” “Let’s Get Busy,” “love you”  or “Miss You.” These valentine’s sayings can increase the demand for candy hearts.

What are the flavors of sweethearts?

The sweet little candy hearts with the odd little valentine’s sayings have six typical Flavors. Cherry, Banana, Wintergreen, Lemon, Orange and Grape.

What are some Valentine sayings?

Some ordinary valentine’s sayings include short valentine’s day sayings, cheesy valentines day sayings, valentine’s sayings for cards, funny valentine sayings and valentine sayings for friends.

Can you eat chocolate a year out of date?

Of path, the shelf existence of chocolate is shorter if it isn’t stored well. But keep in mind that chocolate, like loads of other candies, usually has a first-rate before the date and no longer expiration date.

Is it Happy Valentines or Valentine’s?

  • Capitalize each the V and the D in ‘Valentine’s Day.’
  • Make sure you consist of a possessive apostrophe in ‘Valentine’s Day.’ The day is called for Saint Valentine, so it ‘belongs’ to him. Modern usage normally drops the ‘Saint’ or ‘St’ prefix, even though you may throw it in if you like.
  • The noun ‘valentine’ would not have a capital.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14. It is a festival of romantic love and lots of people deliver cards, letters, flowers or afford to their spouse or partner. They can also arrange a romantic meal in an eating place or night in a motel. Common symbols of Valentine’s Day are hearts, pink roses and Cupid.

What should I do for my first Valentine’s Day?

This could not be your first Valentine’s Day collectively. So there are some romantic First Valentine’s Day Ideas. Feel loose to get a touch more romantic.

  • The traditional dinner date at your preferred fancy restaurant.
  • Try salsa dancing classes.
  • Go go-karting.
  • Play truth or dare.
  • Make fondue.
  • Pack a picnic and enjoy the night skies.
  • Make a custom-scent at a perfumery.
  • Make a dessert buffet.

Gift ideas:

  • A bouquet of roses
  • Nice headphones
  • A silk robe
  • A gift set from her favorite cosmetics line
  • A custom call necklace
What can I do for him on Valentine’s Day?
  • Be a snow bunny
  • Dress the component
  • Give a valentine’s day gift
  • Go ice skating
  • Go skinny dipping
  • Do dinner in bed
  • Cook them a meal
  • Go lingerie shopping
  • Splurge on a motel room
  • Whip up some cocktails

Can you say Happy Valentine Day to anyone?

Yes, of course, you can. As a greeting card writer, I even have visible (and written) numerous Valentine’s day cards and needs for buddies. The difference is that it isn’t romantic, you without a doubt want them a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Why was Valentine killed?

Alongside a woodcut portrait of Valentine, the text states that he became a Roman priest martyred at some point of the reign of Claudius Gothicus. He becomes arrested and imprisoned upon being stuck marrying Christian couples and otherwise helping Christians who have been at the time being persecuted with the aid of Claudius in Rome.

So there are the answers to some common questions which we usually think . So read them and get enjoyed.

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When you discover someone special, you want to allow these Valentine’s Sayings for Cards and Short Valentine’s Day Sayings to recognize!

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If you love to have fun on Valentine’s Day with a few valentine’s day date ideas, deliver DIY Valentine’s gifts for her and cute valentine’s day gifts for her. These funny Valentine’s Day sayings will preserve you busy!


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